Roofline Products

Roofline consists of fascia, soffit, gutters, dry verge etc. We can install a variety of different systems although PVC-UE systems seem to be the most popular due to their lower cost and low maintenance. Regardless of the system used we will be able to leave a professional finish at a competitive cost.


We install new PVC fascia, soffit and gutters on a regular basis. Our service is fast and competitively priced brining minimum disruption and high customer satisfaction.

Installing new roofline products will give your building a fresh look that will help you if you’re looking to sell your property. New roofline products will give people a great first impression which is vital.

A PVC-UE roofline system will not rot, warp, crack or erode and does not require painting or any other protective treatment. The tough impermeable outer skin of the boards provides year round protection from both the weather and insect infestation.

Dry Fix Systems

Dry fix systems are designed to attach a variety of components to a roof without the use of mortar. Components include; dry ridge, dry verge, dry hips and dry valleys. A mortar system is perfectly fine if mixed properly and put on correctly but if you are having problems with your existing mortar system then a dry fix system may be a good solution for you.

Interlocking Verge Units

These are individual plastic units that slide or snap together and tend to be mechanically fixed. They are normally designed for use with single-lap interlocking tiles.